Thanks to co-writers and co-creators, Ron McGuire, Richard Riecheg, Lloyd Bell,
Judi Peters, Dawn Young, Billy Mercer, Merry Brighty, Ted McNamara, Paul
Simpson; and  Jeannine Young .

Thanks to Jimi Hendrix for the kind words in the studio (Sunset Sound).

Thanks to Jim Morrison, all The Doors, and their producer Paul Rothschild  for the

Thanks to Frank Zappa, Elliot (guitar wizard), Stash (“Don’t Bogart that Joint”), and
Carl Franzoni (resident madman), for sheltering us from the storm that was
Hollywood in the 60’s.

Thanks to the other members of the ‘breakfast club’ gang-Sasha Dillon (artist and
girlfriend), Lou Gosset Jr. (actor: “Iron Eagle”), and Irv Gordon (writer:
“Unforgettable”). Fond are the memories of when we daily convened for morning
coffee and stimulating conversation at “Something’s Fishy”, the long gone but
legendary eatery in Malibu. And thanks also to the dishwasher, Rocky Brenner (son
of  Yule Brenner), whose zany antics amused us all.

Thanks to Bud and the gang at the infamous Hombre, for the hospitality, with beans
and rice.

Thanks to the late Phyllis Nesmith (ex-wife of Michael Nesmith) and the late
drummer Danny Lane. Phyllis was our rock and kept a short leash on Danny. I miss
you both.

Thanks to Delores Robinson (talent agent and mother of Holly Robinson Peete) for
being my friend and confidant.

Thanks to Sasha for helping me through my mothers ordeal. Mom thought the world
of you. I am eternally grateful.

Thanks to Woody and Jeannine, champions of my cause.

Thanks to my mom, who made stage clothes for me, and my dad who bought me
my first guitar.

Thanks to “Ted”, my Teddy Bear, who has been with me since I was five  years old.
He was flown to L.A. for reconstructive surgery, in 1983. It was a complete success.
He’s still with me and doing fine. (He is pictured here with his custom made bow and
quiver of little arrows).

Thanks to Teisha Fein (currently production ace for Sharon Osborne) for your grace
under fire.

Thanks to Warner Brothers Music President, Ed Silvers (Uncle Biggie) and the
whole WB crew, especially Patty, the secretary, who made it all look so easy.

Thanks to Judi and Dawn for going to Hell and back with me.

Thanks to Lever Burton (Star Trek) for the Harmonica solo.

Thanks to the late John Tuttle (violin genius) and the late Carol Ruben (Vice
President, Disney Television) for always being there for me.

Thanks  to Osley and Timothy Leary for the great ‘you know what’.

Thanks to Jean and Michael Adams (son of Ansel Adams), for making me feel like a
member of the family.

Thanks to Paul Lovis and Harriet and all the surfers from Topanga Beach, for
keeping my feet on the ground.

Thanks to  the whole Brighty family- Audrey (Mrs. B), Merry, and Gay.

Thanks to the Friends Committee for their courageous anti-war efforts.

Thanks to all the growers and Doobie brothers at S.F.P. in Garberville, Humbolt
County; especially the late Bill Bob, and my good friend from High School, Dave.

Thanks to the shopping-cart chicks and the plaster-casters for an interesting 60’s.

Thanks to Waterflower (Great Grandson of Chief Joseph) for being my medicine
Chief and friend. Your pow is wow! Picture taken at site of Wounded Knee uprising

Thanks to Capitol Records for joining me in a bold conspiracy to change the crew-
cut world of country music.

Thanks to Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek for teaching me more about God than I
ever learned in Sunday School.

Thanks to God for everything I have to be Thankful for.

Thanks to Bruce and Gail Bermudez for a bang up job on my song “Thunderbird

Thanks to Ron Eglit, Jamie (The Loud Librarian) and Woody from Seal Beach for
helping to make the “Possum” sound and album possible.

Thanks to Krista Vernoff for the loving memorial on “Grey’s Anatomy” to Bob Verne,
your dad and my old and cherished friend.

Thanks to Toni Dragon for your valued friendship and too many other things to
mention, including typing up my very first screenplay, “Too High Noon”, when my
two-fingered skills had me in the weeds.

Thanks to Herbie Cohen for being my mentor and friend, and arranging that audition
with Linda Ronstadt.

Thanks to the late Delaney Bramlett, and Bonnie Bramlett (“Never Ending Love”). 
Having ‘Delaney & Bonnie’ sing on my songs in the studio was a true privilege and a
dream come true. Also, thanks to Delaney’s co-producer Doug Gilmore who worked
so hard to make me sound good.

If a cat has nine lives, then I must have a Baker’s dozen. Here are some of the amazing people
who made my many incarnations possible. I will continue to add  to this list until each and every
one of you is recognized for your contribution. I could never have done it without you. Feel free
to e-mail, or facebook me and jog a bewildered memory.
Jimmy Baker & Jeannine Young
Jimmy & Sasha
Evelyn & Jim Baker
Harriet, Jim, & Lovis
Capitol Records
Jim with co-writer Ron McGuire
© 2002